Who Is BustABeatGeorge?

Who Is BustABeatGeorge?

Who is @BustABeatGeorge?

Bustabeatgeorge, or Jorge Fernandez is a Nature Enthusiast/Content Creator in the off-roading community. With over 10.4K in YouTube subscribers, Jorge is trailing his way to the top. Between reviewing products and creating content for popular off-roading brands, Jorge keeps himself pretty busy. We decided to ask BustaBeatGeorge a few questions about himself and the success that follows him.

What made you decide to go into Overlanding/Off-Roading?

It all started many years ago as my Father George Sr. was also an outdoor enthusiast. At a young age he traveled all over California in his 1979 Ford Granada in search of a new adventure. He later met my Mother and then came my brother and I. I can vividly remember our family taking weekly trips to explore the unknown, whether it was a national park or a lonely dirt road. It was then when my love for off roading began. The simplicity of getting into a vehicle and roaming the endless dirt roads made unfiltered memories. The outdoors and off roading are part of me, it’s in my DNA.


What products on your vehicle are outfitted from Rago?

List of Rago parts on my Toyota Tacoma Build: Lower Control Arm Skids Fuel Skid Plate Shock Guards Ditch Brackets Bed Channel Stiffeners Center Console Molle Panel ( With Bridge ) Dual Arb Engine Bay Bracket Ultra Swing Molle Panel


When you spend time on the trail, what is your primary goal?

The primary goal is get out and unwind from the daily routine. As a content creator its also a perfect creative outlet to explore and work on my craft.

I know you take photos and videos for your YouTube Channel; do you have any advice for beginners trying to film their journey? What camera and set-up do you have?

Every journey starts with you taking action. The willingness to take control and push yourself to do something out of your comfort zone is key, Always remember that capturing the journey through video is impossible. But one thing you can do, is capture the experience and highlights to encourage others to get out and explore. Don’t be afraid to tell your story.


My Current Set up is: Canon R Full Frame Mirrorless

                                    Canon RF 15-35mm 2.8 Lens

                                    Canon RF 24-105mm F/4

                                    Rode Video Pro Microphone

                                    Manfrotto Tripod


What advice would you give a younger you?

The journey begins when you take action and pursue what you love, It’s the process that brings success.


You can follow Jorge on instagram @BustABeatGeorge and on Youtube bustabeatgeorge  ! Make sure to check out the video he created on Rago Fabrication! 





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Great video you guys. Had a great time at the meet and great trail ride at hidden falls. Was great to meet you George. Glad you had a chance to wheel with us in our own Texas backyard off road park. Thank you for being a big supporter of our off road community and especially the amazing Rago family. Although I’m not a Rago. They always make you feel like family. Cheers to you George and to many more adventures.


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