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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Dean Espinosa
      Very happy with this, it's well built and will come in handy.

      I was looking for something to strap items that usually float around my rig when on the road. I really just wanted one mole panel for the driver side but decided to get both sides and the bridge. Although... had I paid attention and seen that the glove box becomes unusable I would have not gotten the bridge, BUT now this it is all together I am very glad I did.

      Regarding the bridge and glovebox: I spent some time going over what I use the glove box for: eating utensils, a couple dice and card games, napkins and extra masks and felt I could move that stuff. So, I pulled everything and put them in a couple Husky 12" Waterproof Storage Bins that I slid under the drivers seat. This is an OK work around.

      After deciding to keep the bridge, and before it was delivered, I planned on modifying it so that the glove box would work. Once it came in though, I felt it was so well build and nice looking I decided I could just stick with it as is. I do think Rago can make a modified bridge so the glovebox would work. It would shift the passenger side of the bridge over a bit, loosing bolt point but it I think that is worth getting that extra storage back. My drone usually sits under the driver seat so now I need to find a place for that on the road.

      About the installation: there is a video that is OK. It makes it look much easier than it was. I suggest you get a pair of needle nose vice grips to hold some of the nuts and washers because my hand was unable to get at a couple of bolts. I also suggest you request a couple of extra washers and nut or two. I lost a couple and had to drive around town to find the appropriate fasteners.

      The video also doesn’t clarify how one would line the panels up so the bridge is parallel to the dash. Also, it doesn’t suggest how far forward or back you should set the panels. I put a speed square at the break from the rear cupholder trim and the dash trim, put some tape on the side of the console and drew a line down. I then lined up the upper front attachment hole with that line and the top of the panel to the bottom of that cupholder trim.

      That was OK but the passenger side upper-rear attachment point was unusable. There is some thing back behind it. I found it impossible to get a washer and bolt on. So that corner is missing a bolt. If I set the panels about 1-1.5” forward of the line on the tape I think it might have worked but then the bridge and possibly the passenger panel would be against the dash and glove box damaging them. So, not sure how to correct that. I think next time I do a deep clean and pull the console apart, I’ll drill another attachment point below this and add the bolt.


      Earl Koepsel (Fort Worth, TX)
      An absolute must have!!!

      Do you own a Toyota Tundra?
      Do you like high quality stuff/gear?
      Do you enjoy have a well organized center console?
      Are you a real Texan?
      If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need this Modular Storage Panel made by Rago Fab

      Thomas Richey (Nashville, TN)
      Awesome products

      Returning customer here. Rago Fab dash plate now the console panels. These guys just make great stuff, super nice build quality. The thickness of the steel seems to be just right, the welds and coatings are all top notch. If you’re thinking about buying this just do it already, definitely worth the money. To the Rago Fabrication staff, great work and please send a few more root beer candies with my next order.

      Keith Croce (Folsom, CA)
      2017 Tundra Center Console

      Product is better than what I thought it would be. Rago did not skip or compromise anything when making this product. I would recommend this company to anyone. Extremely happy with their products.

      Albert Rodriguez (San Antonio, TX)
      Great product

      Can't say enough about this product and build quality. Love every Rago product I have purchased