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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Great product.

    I can mount my gun and knife within easy reach. I also mounted my flashlight on the passenger side. Also keeps my console clean.

    Love it but...

    I fabricated a hinge and pushpin so I could still use my glove box

    Love the center panels, but difficult to install

    Got the center console panels for my 2016 Tundra. Love the look, but these were a pain to install. I was easily able to pull apart the center console pieces as shown in the video. The issue is where the bolt holes are, it is tough to get a hand/wrench there to secure the panels. The drivers side is fairly open. If you pull the snap fastener under the dash on the front edge of the panel (both sides), you get a little more play in the panel to get a hand behind it. The passenger side was more difficult. There is a double wall where the upper bolt goes (towards the seat). I was not able to install that bolt because I could not get a nut/washer on the bolt. The other 3 I was able to secure from the bottom of the panel. I did not purchase the bridge because I did not want to lose functionality of the glove box.

    Great Product

    Works great. I Use mine to mount my VHF Radio for Fire. It is a tricky install to get the nuts on the inside of your console, I had to get my kids to help with a few (tiny hands). Overall does exactly what i needed it to do. Bonus, it fits a composition notebook perfectly.

    Versatile Accessory for Molle Bags

    First of all, the quality of workmanship is outstanding along with the powder coat finish. Installation took a couple hours as access to install the nuts on the inside of the console is very tight. Take your time and you'll be happy. I only bought the side pieces as I did not want to lose access to the glove box. I bought an assortment of molle bags from Amazon and they all attach quite easily to these mounts. I've purchased several products from Rago and never disappointed. Lifetime customer.