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The Center Console Modular Storage Panel was designed to add amazing versatility to any interior. Whether you  are looking for a little more storage or you want an amazing way to mount accessories, this is the solution. This low profile design will not hinder your driving experience in any way, in fact it will allow you to reach and control all your digital devices better than ever.

The Details

  • This listing is for SIDE PANELS ONLY
  • Drilling is Required For Mounting This Product
  • Panels Are Sold Only in Pairs
  • Powder Coated Textured Black
  • Does NOT include 10-24 Accessory Hardware- Click Here To Purchase 
  • All Mounting Hardware is Included
  • Hole Size: 1/4X20

The Install

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Marvin D (Niceville, FL)
Awesome addition to a tundra

I love these molle panels. I mean they are legitimately useful. The install wasn’t as easy as the video suggests, but since when is anything. Be creative and look how things are built and you’ll get em in just fine. Easy way to keep critical gear at hand and ready for immediate access.
Overall I give them a 10/10 as it fit exactly what I was expecting and installation isn’t that bad.

Dan Casey (Mentor, OH)
Not as easy to install as on the video

First off, there was no guidance on measuring to put the screws in and these were not easy to get a hold of the nylon locking nuts. The driver side was not too bad.
The passenger side was a total nightmare. Had to do much more disassembly of the console section to be able to fasten the nylon lock nuts. If installing the bridge at a later time, chances are it would not line up with the side pieces. It is sturdy however, and was very useful in hanging the CB radio by my right leg. In spite the lengthy install, I ordered the multi-panel for the passenger side and a fire extinguisher mount to be completely outfitted for our cross-country trip with the camper this summer.
I think the shape could be improved to make use of available space below it. A good portion is unusable since it is covered by the seats. Don't know about the glove box issue. Don't think it would be a problem. The passenger side does cover over the cubby hole recess but you could still put pencils or pens in there. Maybe this is what the disclaimer is saying, but it is definitely not a glove box.

Marc Reeves (Lolo, MT)
2014 - 2021 3rd Gen Tundra Center Console Modular Storage Panel

Absolutely beast! Fantastic build quality and looks fantastic on my 2021 TRD. Thanks!!

A. (Los Angeles, CA)
Mixed feelings…

It’s a great, solid, good looking product. Where it lost me was the price and overly simplified and deceiving install video… makes it look way way simpler then it is. Because this is a pain to install. So much so I only put on the drivers side panel. I’m not a big guy but I wear XL gloves. My hands were big enough I could not reach a single bolt to install the washers and nuts. I ended up putting tape on a box end wrench to make it like a little basket. Then placed the washer and nut in it, slid it in behind the bolts without knocking the nut and washer out into the depths of inside the center console. (Which happened several times, so my small extendable magnet came in handy) The passenger side pretty much requires tearing apart everything in order for someone with my size hands to get it mounted. I probably would never use that side anyway and it wasn’t worth the headache to me personally. I also did not purchase the bridge. So having paid as much as I did to only use one side I probably wouldn’t buy it again. It would be nice if they were honest about the install and maybe provided some better instructions or tips.

Daniel Berreth (Vancouver, WA)
Awesome!!!! Sort of....

The center console is everything I was expecting. Its a beautiful piece of work. I highly recommend. Now to the sort of portion. The install is a bitch. With no template for the best place to put you just guess and start drilling. Then comes the fun of the small nuts. Be prepared to take off more center console pieces than shown in video.