Nine Different 4Runner Off-Road Mods All Under the Hood

4Runner Off-Road Power & Air Mods

Taking a look under the hood of the Toyota 4Runner, we at Rago see options. All those empty nooks and crannies of the engine compartment would be better served with some modifications to improve your off-road capabilities. We've designed a series of parts for that very purpose that sit unseen, but effective, under your hood.

Power Options - Gimme More!

The Surge is an auxiliary power station designed to enable you to simultaneously run dual batteries, an air up & down system, and provide more power options for bumper mounted lights or a winch. We found a way to do this by mounting it in an non-traditional location at the front of the engine bay. When using this plate, a compressor can be mounted above the fuse box, up to a Group 31 battery mounted in factory location, and a secondary battery can be mounted on the passenger side. The Surge was engineered to hold an additional Switch Pros SP9100 & the Blue Sea System.

4Runner Power Station

In order for The Surge to be installed, the OEM windshield washer fluid reservoir needs to be replaced with The Aqua Tank. This aluminum reservoir solves the common problem of having an exposed and vulnerable washer fluid tank after installing an off-road front bumper on your 5th gen 4Runner. The tank installs directly behind the grille, freeing up precious space under the hood, and provides additional tire clearance.

4Runner Low Profile Washer Fluid Reservoir

As you add light bars to your bumper, or a fridge in the back, there becomes a need to manage your wiring and relays. Our 5th Gen 4Runner Relay Holder helps you manage up to 3 relays so you can route your wiring harnesses cleanly.

In order to properly power that overland fridge or other overlanding accessory, a second battery is the way to go. That's why we created the 5th Gen 4Runner Secondary Battery Box. Constructed from stainless steel, this protects your auxiliary/backup battery from damage. Additionally, we designed it to provide mounting solutions for the Blue Sea System OR Red Arc Automatic Charging Relays & the ARB Differential Axle Breather Kit. Our goal is to utilize the usable space under the hood in the most efficient way.

Off-Road Air System

Any complete off-road or overland build needs an efficient air up & air down system. We developed The Wifey Air System to enable you to air up all 4 of your tires in 4-9 minutes, depending on your tire size, starting air pressure, and choice of a single or dual ARB Compressor. This air system comes with 3/8-inch high flow air lines, stainless steel inlet line, high quality brass fittings & chucks, slide valves, and a billet aluminum distribution block.

4Runner Air System Hoses

To complete your air system build, we offer a Wifey Block Mount & ARB Compressor Mount. Both are tailored to efficiently mount the air system and compressor under the hood of your 5th Gen 4Runner. We also offer a single or twin air ARB Air Compressor that integrates perfectly in our system.

4Runner Air Compressor System Mount

We've fabricated Air Mounts to to route air lines and connectors into each of the 4 wheel wells. These allow you to make a fast connection to the compressor at each tire, to get you aired-up as quick as possible.

If you ever hit the trail with a buddy who does not have an air system installed, our Air System Extension gives you the extra hosing and connectors to reach their tires. Yes, we all have friends who rely on our utility rather than their own. If you're the friend in the bunch who is prepared for anything, then this is for you!

Learn more about Rago Fabrication's air system parts and accessories and finish that dream overlanding build!

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